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We don't sell CDs one at a time. Instead... we sell LOTS.
We have small lots for collectors and bigger lots for wholesalers.


Stacks for Collectors

Stacks for Collectors:

We call our Small lots "Stacks". Search by Genre, Artist, or Title of your favorite CD. If we have it, we'll show it to you along with a handful of other similar CDs. Our price will be for the lot and at a price that will leave you saying, why just buy the 1 CD when I can buy an entire Stack!!! :)

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Bulk Lots for Wholesalers

Bulk Lots for Wholesalers:

We can't claim to be a ginormous distributor with an endless supply of CDs but as a local liquidator, we're growing into a great source for small stores, flea market folks, and resellers.  Unlike a lot of mixed media wholesalers, We specialize in genre-specific, junk-free, and scratch-free lots.

CD Collections

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