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​Most of the people we represent are suffering from what we call "anywhere but here" syndrome.

These are people having to downsize, relocate or manage the estate of a loved one. They are also small businesses who find themselves burdened with customer returns, slow moving inventory or cosmetically distressed inventory. 


People have have CDs and other items that NEED TO GO.  The most common issue we hear from people is that they have a wonderful collection that took a lifetime to build but it needs to go anywhere but where it's currently located.

We completely UNDERSTAND which is why we created HelpSellMyCDs.


Our service to sellers is that we help you sell your collection in a way that maximizes its value.  We see too many people sell a collection at any cost due to time restraints or living too far away to properly manage selling it over time. 

Because we help people sell their CDs, there are competitive buyers, savvy collectors and CD enthusiasts constantly contacting us to have access to the collections we represent. 


We ask buyers to let us know what it is that they're interested in. 


Our service to buyers is that we can inspect and or custom build lots based on a buyer's request.


Buyers can ask us to restore distressed media or sell it as it. They can ask for lots specific to genre, condition and even retail value.  We work hard with our buyers so they are able to buy collections that fit their business model. 

Buyers know that we have high standards and inspect each CD that we sell.  This allows a buyer to feel comfortable offering a premium in order to get a collection that doesn't have missing or scratched discs and has artwork and packaging in line with their expectations.

Other Services We Offer To Sellers

HelpSellMyCDs, is first and foremost an Estate Liquidation Company so if you'd like help planning out how to downsize, relocate or manage an estate until it's broom clean, please reach out to us.  We have many creative ways to help you maximize the value of your assets and a network of people to help do make it happen :) 

Other Services We Offer To Buyers

We know what CDs will sell in a store environment, flea market, online, special event or location, etc. Whether you just want to build a collection or you're a seasoned seller, we can help you do just about anything that you need helps with.  Some services that we already provide are.


Lot inspection: We've traveled across the country to inspect and assess collections on behalf of clients.

Inspect and or Process: Have your shipment sent to us before it's sent to you, your fulfillment center, event or store.  We're able to inspect, resurface, recase, sort, catalog, photograph and even save to a file for you to upload. Let us do the heavy lifting. Ask us for help with just a couple tasks or ask us to manage it all from behind the scenes.


Whatever we can do to help preserve physical media for the next generation

and keep it out of landfills, we're excited to be a part of.

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