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Salvage: (with a touch of class)

Salvage is recommended only for professionals with the ability to process distressed media. while the price is always attractive, the art of resurrecting physical media is as labor intensive as it is rewarding.


The good news is that our salvage lots are still respectable. Discs may be light to medium scratched. Artwork may have seen better days. Cases may range from ok to cracked, dirty or have stickers. Sometimes condition has nothing to do with our salvage lots. We often pass on CDs considered too common or lesser known.


What makes our salvage lots a little nicer than most is that we've removed any titles with missing or heavily scratched discs. We also inspect and remove titles with overly damaged or missing artwork. They are still 'salvage" but we've try to clean it up so you don't get the garbage that's common in salvage lots.  

We also have rather high standards for what goes into our Estate and Overstock lots, so what we earmark as salvage may still be in acceptable condition to others. Salvage is still salvage so we recommend speaking with our staff or really understanding how to process salvage lots before buying them.  

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