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About Us

Who We Are:  We’re the media arm of, a small, family-run, Estate Liquidation Company that specializes in helping people downsize their media collections.  We work with people that are moving, downsizing, or burdened with the task of clearing out the estate of a loved one or family member. 

About This Website: In our line of work, we come across a lot of CDs and DVDs. Most come from residential estates; however, we also help a few local second-hand stores thin out their overstock and manage their returns.

What We Offer:  We sell bulk media like any other liquidator; however, we wanted to add something a little more interactive and special that would help not just our clients who are selling but also help other resellers, retailers, or collectors looking for a fair buying opportunity..


​In order to find the fair market value for sellers and low prices for our buyers, we're creating a place that's a hybrid of "What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)", and "Staff Assembled" lots.

WYSIWYG lots are pre-assembled here by our staff and let a buyer know exactly what they are ordering. For buyers wanting something more personal or for a genre that we don't have as a WYSIWYG lot, a buyer can request a custom lot. Here, if we can't fill the order within a week, we announce the request to our network of vetted sellers, whom either ship direct to the buyer or send the order to us for inspection and processing.

​If you're downsizing and looking for a way to maximize the value of your collection, give us a call at (609) 249-4869. Our approach to liquidation outperforms traditional methods and we have a network of buyers that prefer pre-inspected lots over buying blind.  

What we sell:​ We offer both mini-lots (Stacks) and larger lots (Bulk Lots), so CD enthusiasts can take advantage of our prices, and on a larger scale, so retail or resellers have a quality source for inventory that fits their specific business model.

In order to accommodate CD enthusiasts and large resellers... 

our site has two sections.  

  1. CD Stacks: - Here, music lovers can search by artist, mood, or genre and find a list of restored, like new, mini lots based on what the buyer is looking for. (Why buy 1 CD when you can buy a Stack?) 

 2. Bulk CD LotsLarger Lots for Stores, Resellers or really driven collectors:  

In general, a Bulk Lot box will hold approximately 87 traditional, single CDs. However, we sell by the tray and not the “count” so a double CD or box set will affect how many titles you actually receive.


Bulk Lots are grouped by genre and condition of artwork and case, the actual quality of the disc will always be AMAZINGLY CLEAN.

Estate lots: CDs that feature amazingly clean discs, well-kept artwork, and pre-owned respectable cases. Occasionally cases have light wear, minor cracks, or fogging but overall the cases are in nice condition. These are the CDs that came from a personal collection, but keep in mind that every person cares for their collections differently. 

*When buying an estate lot, you'll be given the opportunity to buy it as is, or for a nominal fee, upgrade to where all the CDs are put into brand new cases, making them what we like to call "gift quality".* 


Overstock lots: These CDs still feature amazingly clean discs; however, packaging-wise, the CDs have been out on a store floor, returned by customers, or in a warehouse or donation bin. Here, most cases are cosmetically challenged and a small percentage of artwork will show some wear.

What separates Estate from Overstock is the packaging & sometimes artwork. 

The discs will always be amazingly clean.


If we come across a disc that isn't amazingly clean,

we remove it from these lots.

Salvage: (with a touch of class)

Salvage is a completely different section of our site and is only recommended for professionals with the ability to re-surface and re-case. Our salvage lots are still respectable. Discs may be light to medium scratched. Artwork may have seen better days. Cases may range from ok to cracked, dirty or have stickers. Sometimes condition has nothing to do with our salvage lots. We often pass on CDs considered too common or lesser known.


What makes our salvage lots a little nicer than most is that we've removed the empty cases, heavily scratched discs, and titles with missing artwork. They are still 'salvage" but we've tried to clean it up a little for you. 


We do have rather high standards for what goes into our Estate and Overstock lots, so what we earmark as salvage may still be in acceptable condition to others. Salvage is still salvage so we recommend speaking with our staff or really understanding how to process salvage lots before buying them.  

So now that we've told you a little about us...
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