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Approximately 87 Really Nice CDs   


Overstock Lots have cosmetically challenged cases and or artwork.  We still have the same high standards in regards to how clean the discs are so no need to worry about the music. 


Unlike our Estate lots, most of these CDs come from store returns or aged inventory that's been marked down with discount stickers. Packaging will show wear but since that's reflected in the price, these lots are a great oppurtunity for resellers both on and offline. 


If you're still looking to save money, the next step down will be our Salvage Lots.  Salvage lots are geared for resellers that have have disc cleaning machines. You'll certainly find some gems in Salvage; however, the discs may be past their prime and in need of resurfacing. 


One Tray will hold approximately 87 traditional, single CDs. However, we sell by the tray and not the "count" so a double CD or box set will affect how many titles you actually receive.


If there's something you want that you don't see here, let us know. We excel in creating custom lots for resellers and collectors.  We just need to know what you want and your budget :)


Classic Rock Lot

SKU: T7314OV

Click picture to enlarge. Double click to super size!

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