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A Place to Buy, Sell or Restore CD Collections

We Sell Lots Of CDs.


Why buy 1 CD when you could buy a stack? 
Go ahead… Treat yourself to a handful of amazing CDs and make your collection the envy of any man cave, (or lady cave) 

Search by Artists, Genre, or Mood...
We’ll show you mini lots of pre-owned CDs restored to like new,” Gift Quality” condition.

We make used CDs look new again !!!

We then sell them for a fraction of retail.

Have doubts about the quality of used CDs ??? 

Ask us for a Free One.

We built this site for CD enthusiasts but if you’re a small store or reseller, we also have, and or build, large custom genre-specific lots.

We’re a small, family run, Estate Liquidation Company that specializes in helping people downsize their media collections. We also restore media to prevent CDs from being thrown out. 

This website is where we try and help people downsizing their collection find people who are looking to add to theirs.


Help us preserve physical media for the next generation of movie and music enthusiasts by buying your CDs from us.  It's helps others, It's good for the planet, and it good for you :) 

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