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Approximately 87 Really Nice CDs   


Estate Lots come from Premium collections and are the lots that we are the most proud to offer. Being able to offer top quality estate lots is the driving force behind why we do what we do here at HelpSellMyCDs.


Discs are very clean. All titles checked to make sure they have front and back artwork and that the artwork is in very nice condition. Overall condition of Discs & Artwork is VG to Like New. Cases are pre-owned but a nice well kept "pre-owned". There may be a case here or there with a minor scuff smudge or crack but most of these CDs will be fresh from an estate or private collection with anything scratched, or missing removed. We build our Estate lots with the goal of exceeding your expectations and having them be a step above lots that come from resellers or thrift stores.


If you're looking for lots where the condition isn't as important as the budget then take a look at our Overstock or Salvage Lots.  Overstock lots are great for those building digital collections and don't mind cosmetically challenged titles. Salvage lots are geared for resellers that have have resurfacing machines and that can rescue distressed media. 


One Tray will hold approximately 87 traditional, single CDs. However, we sell by the tray and not the "count" so a double CD or box set will affect how many titles you actually receive.


If there's something you want that you don't see here, let us know. We excel in creating custom lots for resellers and collectors.  We just need to know what you want and your budget :)


Classic Rock Lot

SKU: T731-4

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