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Thinking of ordering a custom lot from us?

Let us send you a couple free CDs...

We know that every buyer has their own business model and every collector has their favorite style of music so there needs to be a lot of consideration that goes into making a custom lot for our clients.

We're hired by residential and commercial clients to liquidate media from salvage to sealed and anywhere in between. This gives us the unique opportunity to work with both personal collections as well as overstock and store returns. 


We love our job !!! Who wouldn't ???

We literally get paid to dig through music

and share it with others? 

We want you to feel comfortable with our ability to build a great custom lot.  This is why we're offering to send you a couple of free CDs.  Introduce yourself and let us know a little about you and your passion for music.  Tell us what you like and don't like.  Let us do our homework and surprise you with a free CD or two that we think you'll enjoy.

If we can make you happy with a CD or two, just think of what we could do with a small stack or a large lot of CDs :)

So Lets Have Some Fun...


- Tell us your your favorite artist so we can get a vibeyou want to fill a value bin for a store end cap.

- Tell us that you sell seasonally at flea markets.

- Tell us that your friend has a Jazz collection from the 20's and a birthday coming up.

- Tell us that you sell online and have specific parameters you need in order to be profitable.   

Some tasks we may be able to complete in a day, some may take longer but if we know what you're trying to accomplish, we'll do our best to make sure you get a lot that's perfect for your needs.

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