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Get $5 Off Your Order

Just for typing #Music in our FaceBook Group 

We'd like to create group on FaceBook for media minded folks to gather and find each other. Anyone looking to buy, sell, trade, locate, discover, police, collect, learn, educate, promote or just talk about used media are welcome. All great things have to start somewhere so we're hoping you'll help us start by joining our group.

You can help us grow and show your support simply by typing the word #Music in the comments of our FaceBook group main post.   


By doing so, you'll help build a place where people downsizing their CD collection can find people looking to upgrade theirs.

In return, we'll message you an instant $5 code to apply towards anything you order here on our site.

Just click the picture on the right, or click here... Join our group and type #Music in the comments.

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